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From one-of-a-kind artist journals to historical reproductions, all of our books feature the same high-quality materials and traditional techniques used to bind books for centuries. We use only genuine leather, vegetable-tanned and hand-tooled, never modern imitations or automated processes.

Nancy’s monster books, each one a unique work of art marked with her signature on the back cover, are featured in private collections across the country. Key elements include hand-marbled papers, exposed spines, Coptic stitching, and molded leather over wood covers.

Gothic-style books, hand-sewn on raised linen cords laced through solid wood covers, are another of Nancy’s specialties. Every step of these books is done by hand, from planing the center-cut hardwood boards, to tooling the leather, to painting the fore-edge decoration. As with the monster books, each book is an original work of art from an artisan like no other.

For those of us in the modern age, Nancy uses these same techniques to create hand-made leather cases for tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. These incorporate genuine leather, hand-tooling, and metal accents to bring the luxurious quality of Renaissance books into modern life.

Small pieces of these same materials are made into miniature books to adorn earrings and necklaces, enabling you to show off your taste for exquisite books no matter where you go!